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Made / Shipped from Belgium
Shop / P.Lemmens - DDL 96-96 TH (LM51)

P.Lemmens - DDL 96-96 TH (LM51)

P.Lemmens - DDL 96-96 TH (LM51)

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Replacement fan for standard application in bodart & gonay, flam, dovre,… cassette and stove.

All dimensions are outside dimensions



1.9 Kg

IP class

LM 51, 6 mm



Thermal class



230 V - 50 Hz

Speed control


Capacitor - Thermal Protection - CE Conformity


Packages are shipped every working Tuesday after receipt of your payment. As soon as possible, we will provide you with a link that will allow you to track the delivery of your package online.

Shipping costs include packaging, handling and postage. They can contain a fixed part and a variable part depending on the price or the weight of your order. We advise you to group your purchases into a single order. We cannot group two separate orders and you will have to pay the shipping costs for each of them. Your package is shipped at your own risk, special care is taken for packages containing fragile products.

Packages are oversized and protected.

Tips for use

  • Only a qualified person may make the electrical connection of the fan or the variable speed drive.
  • Please observe the connection diagram.
  • Only Airshop (or PLC) variable speed drives can be applied to Airshop fans. ‘Normal’ commercial dimmers are prohibited.
  • Do not use the fan at a voltage & lt; 120V with the speed controller (the minimum voltage of the speed controller is adjustable). This may damage the windings and therefore the life of the product.
  • Make sure that the thermal insulation system provided by the stove manufacturer is in good condition. Insufficient insulation can damage the windings and therefore affect the life of the product.
  • Make sure that the air flows inside the stove are free and that it can circulate easily. The same goes for the cleanliness of the filters. An obstruction of the air flow can result in overheating of the motor which will damage the windings and therefore impair the life of the product.
  • Perform a visual inspection of the fan every 6 months. Clean carefully with a damp cloth if necessary. (Do not put in the dishwasher !!)
  • Failure to follow these tips can lead to rapid deterioration of the winding and destruction of the motor, and therefore exclusion of the warranty.
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